Multimedia Program

Dream it and design it! Mesa College’s multimedia courses are designed to prepare you for one of the many jobs in the multimedia field. Become a 3D animator, video game designer, graphic designer, web content designer, or a video content producer and discover the strides you can make when you apply your technological prowess across many diverse industries. Mesa College’s Multimedia program will help you uncover the theories and concepts at the heart of today’s successful multimedia content and prepare you to imagine, create, and curate your own visual and auditory experiences. Guided every step of the way by the program's attentive faculty, you will learn to communicate across saturated media channels and utilize the purposeful design techniques of artists and industry experts to help your work rise to the top. Regardless of your specific multimedia passion, the manual skills and digital adeptness you will gain from courses in drawing and design will set you up for success among the industry’s growing standards. You will have the power to bring your dreams to life and impact, engage, and inspire countless others throughout your multimedia career, and/or as you continue your education at another institution.

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Program Learning Outcomes

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