Marketing Program

Are you ready for a career in marketing? Transform your passions into a rewarding career in marketing with courses that help you build skills in selling and merchandising, retail management, promotional campaign development, and marketing planning. In Mesa College’s Marketing program, you will practice the strategies used by marketing experts to identify the needs and wants of your customers, communicate a clear and consistent message about your product, make it stand out from the competition, and maximize the value of your business. You will learn to utilize current technology at the heart of modern business practices in social media, marketing, and communications courses, and study consumer behavior to determine how to segment a diverse consumer base into potential target markets you can satisfy. With the ability to bridge age, gender, geographic, and cultural differences among consumers, you will not only have the skill to build an instantly recognizable brand, but have the awareness to ground it in integrity and ethics. So, whether you are managing the operations of a store front or controlling the imaging in print or online media, you will be equipped to communicate clearly and effectively to any audience throughout your marketing career and/or as you continue your education at another institution.

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Program Learning Outcomes

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