The Law Pathways Program is no longer accepting applications for the FALL 2023 semester.  We will re-open applications for the Spring in December. 

Law Pathways

Law Pathways Program

If you’re a student with legal aspirations, apply to Mesa College’s Pathway to Law School program! We have partnered with California LAW to create a pipeline from Mesa College to several transfer institutions and their affiliated law schools. As a prospective Cal-LAW Scholar, you will receive guidance to prepare for enrollment at one of the most prestigious law schools in California. The program includes curricula, mentoring, advising, as well as opportunities to participate in campus leadership activities, field trips, and our student-led Law club. Your participation in the program will be recognized by transfer schools and law schools, and lead to additional support and benefits after you transfer, such as waived law school admission fees and more.

Students interested in learning more about the program should contact the Faculty Advisor, Michelle Rodriguez, at
Students can also schedule a zoom meeting for more information.

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Apply to the Cal-LAW Pathway to Law School Program

If you are interested in exploring a course of study that prepares you for law school, we encourage you to apply to become a Cal-LAW Scholar. All majors are welcome to join. After you complete the program agreement, you will receive a follow-up email with information regarding the next scheduled mandatory program orientation.

Access the Pathway to Law School Agreement

Maintain Your Eligibility

You will need to satisfy the following requirements to complete the Pathway to Law School program and become a Cal-LAW Scholar:

  • Complete the Pathway to Law School Agreement, along with your statement of interest.

  • Meet with the program faculty mentor Michelle Rodriquez, or identify and meet with a faculty mentor in their department (to be determined at the program orientation).

  • Work with the program’s designated counselor Anthony Reuss to develop an Education Plan that includes the program’s required courses.

  • Attend a program orientation during your first semester in the program, and at least one program activity each Fall and Spring semester.

  • Complete the program’s required coursework, including:

    • Seven required courses for the Cal-LAW program. View Required Courses

    • Required courses for your major.

    • Required courses for transfer (you may not participate in the program if you have already completed a B.A. at another institution).

  • Maintain good academic standing as defined by the College (without ever being suspended or placed on academic probation).

  • Abide by student codes of conduct and standards of ethics or behavior considered appropriate by the State Bar of California. You may be removed from the program by participating law schools for any of the following behaviors:

    • Academic misconduct

    • Unlawful misconduct

    • Employment misconduct

    • Financial misconduct

    • All behavior that would indicate you are incapable of completing the law school’s educational program and being admitted to the bar.

  • When you complete the program, you must self-identify as a Cal-LAW Scholar to the State Coordinator, consent to Cal-LAW’s release of relevant information to Parties to progress through the Law Pathway, and consent to maintenance of general data necessary to assess the program.

Get Involved

As a participant in the program, you are highly encouraged to participate in law-related activities at Mesa College. Get involved in our Pre-law Club, Constitution Day programming, law school visits, service opportunities, guest speaker sessions, and more. Access the campus calendar to find upcoming events you may be interested in.

Law Club Interest Form

Campus Calendar

Meet Our Law School Partners

See the following institutions participating in the Cal-LAW Pathway to Law School program. While these are the officially participating schools, you may still join the program if you wish to attend another school.

  • University of Southern California and USC Gould School of Law
  • University of San Francisco and USF School of Law
  • UC, Davis and UCD School of Law
  • UC, Irvine and UCI School of Law
  • UCLA and UCLA School of Law
  • UC, Berkeley and UCB School of Law
  • Santa Clara University and SCU School of Law
  • Loyola Marymount University and LMU Law School
  • Pepperdine University and Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law
  • Chapman University and Chapman University Law School
  • University of San Diego and University of San Diego School of Law

Learn More About Cal-LAW

Our program is part of a statewide initiative through Cal-LAW and the State Bar’s Council on Access and Fairness (COAF). The purpose of Cal-LAW’s Pathways Initiative is to “establish a pipeline of diverse students from high schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and law schools into law or law-related careers so that the legal profession reflects the diverse population of California.”

Learn more about the statewide program

Program Learning Outcomes

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Pearl Ly
Pearl Ly, Ed.D. Dean School of Social/Behavioral Sciences & Multicultural Studies SB-304
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Michelle Rodriguez, PhD Professor, Political Science Faculty Advisor,
Pathway to Law School Program
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