Exercise Science

Exercise Science Program

Ready to take your next step toward a rewarding career as a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Specialist , physical or occupational therapist, PE teacher, or coach? Whatever your trajectory, the Exercise Science program at Mesa College helps you make the gains you need to get there. Highlighting various approaches to healthy living, the Exercise Science program encourages you to embrace an inclusive vision of health and to respond to individuals with different needs and abilities. The program’s knowledgeable Exercise Science faculty will guide every step of the way you as you develop nutrition, fitness, or rehabilitation plans that accommodate diverse lifestyles. Building on your own athletic interests, you will have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of movement experiences – including cardio conditioning, weight training, yoga, and martial arts – and gain a comprehensive understanding of the fitness options that can be incorporated into your own instruction in your career as an exercise professional. Whether you begin your career in Exercise Science as a Personal Trainer, or continue your education at another institution, Mesa College’s Exercise Science program provides you with the physical skills and expertise to ensure a lifetime of wellness.

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