Classified Senate Committees




Make a difference and join a committee

Are you interested in leadership and networking opportunities?  Get involved in Mesa College and join a governance committee.  Classified representation is always needed and your voice counts!  Contact Classified Senate Vice President, Yolanda Catano, at: for more information on current committee vacancies and how you can make a difference.


The Classified Senate is dedicated to representing the classified staff of Mesa College in the shared governance process prevalent through committee work. Below is a list of the classified representatives and the committees in which they serve. Classified membership listings below are current as of 10/31/16.

Academic Affairs Committee Arlis Svedberg                     
Academic Review Committee Ginger Davis, Claudia Estrada, Dulce Carolina Lopez
Academic Senate Liaison Trina Larson
Basic Skills and Retention Committee Vacancy: 1
Budget (District) Committee Vacancy: 1
Budget and Allocation Resource Committee (BARC) Taj George, Thuan Le, Vacancies:  1 Classified Senate President or Designee, 1 Classified  Representative (any area)
Career Technical Education - Perkins Committee Virginia Enriquez
Catalog Committee Leah CiaschiDulce Carolina Lupez, Arlis Svedberg, Brandon Terrell
Classified Hiring Priorities Committee Shannon Bacon, Aracely BautistaClaudia EstradaTaj George, Lynn Lasko, Jeannette Leon, Olivia Picolla
Classified Professional Learning Committee (Formerly Staff Development Sub-Committee) Eddie Arteaga, Taj GeorgeDave KovachLeanne Kunkee, Eva Parrill, Rocio SandovalConsuelo Porto y Taboada, Brandon TerrellCarlotta VidrioVacancies:  2 Classified Senate Representatives, 1 Classified Technology Services Representative, 1 Classified ABSO Representative, 2 Instructional Services Representatives
Commencement Committee Ginger Davis, Claudia Estrada, Kathy Fennessey, Frank Fernandez,Taj GeorgePaul Gomez, Courtney Lee, Anabel PulidoCarol Rohe, Deborah Salazar, Pablo Vela, Carlos Wales, Nancy Wichmann
Committee on Outcomes Assessment (COA) Charlie Lieu, Claudia EstradaVacancies:  1 Student Services Representative, 1 Administrative Services Representative
Conference and Travel Committee Skyler Dennon, Mary I. TosteVacancy: 1
Crisis Response Committee Suzanne KhambataTaj George
Curriculum Review Committee Thuan Le, Arlis Svedberg   
District Governance Council Trina Larson
Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity (Mesa) Committee Angie Avila, Kevin Branson, Gity Nematollahi, Kim Lan Salas, Jackie Szitta, Brandon Terrell, Pahua Vang
Environmental Sustainability Committee Vacancy: 1
Facilities Planning Committee (Mesa) Taj George, Michael McLarenVacancy: 1 Instructional Services Representative
Flex Subcommittee Caterina Palestini
Global Awareness Committee Ebony Tyree
Mesa Information Technology Committee Joel Arias, Michael Davis, Daniel Stromwall
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIE)     Matt FayCharlotta Robertson
President's Cabinet Ginger Davis, Trina Larson
Professional Study Leave Committee James Jaworski
Program Review Committee Kevin Branson, Yolanda Catano, Genevieve EsguerraTaj GeorgeBri Hays
San Diego Mesa College Foundation Board Claudia Estrada
Scholarship Committee Kathy Fennessey, Paul Gomez, Anabel PulidoKim Lan Salas, Courtney Lee
Site Safety Committee Melvin Clay, Matt Fay, Taj George,  Michael Lewis, Charlotta Robertson
Student Success and Equity Committee Angie Avila, Genevieve Esguerra, Trina Larson