San Diego Mesa College

Alarm Evacuation Policy



When you hear the evacuation alarm or are told to evacuate the building:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Immediately shut down any hazardous operations. A hazardous operation is anything that can contribute to or increase the dangers of an emergency by being left unattended.
  3. Everyone must exit the building, regardless of the reason the alarm sounded (real, accidental, or drill). DO NOT IGNORE THE ALARM!
  4. Do NOT use elevators during an active alarm; only use the designated stairways.
  5. Classes in session must be dismissed, with Faculty and Students exiting to the designated evacuation area/assembly point.
  6. Take with you: your car keys, purse, briefcase, etc. However do not attempt to take large or heavy objects.
  7. As you are exiting the building, advise and direct any other people to exit the building.
  8. If someone absolutely refuses to leave the building, note their location, continue to exit the building and inform the Floor Warden, Emergency Facilitator and/or Emergency Responders of his/her location.
  9. Assist or accompany anyone who is  immobile or physically impaired, if you are unable to assist, note their location and disability, exit the building and inform the Floor Warden, Emergency Facilitator and/or Emergency Responders of his/her location.
  10. Shut all doors behind you as you go. Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke, and water.
  11. The Floor Warden, or other assigned person, is responsible for insuring all individuals on their respective floor have evacuated. However, employees should check their work areas to make sure that all others are leaving as instructed.


Once you have exited the building:

  1. Do not go back into the building for any reason.
  2. Proceed to the designated emergency evacuation assembly point and check in with the Evacuation Area Coordinator. If the designated assembly point/area is unsafe or blocked due to the emergency, proceed to an alternate assembly point.

Remember it is each Staff and Faculty member’s responsibility to check in!

  1. Return to the building only after emergency officials or building monitors give the all-clear signal. Silencing of the Alarm doesn’t mean the emergency is over.


Reentering the Building:

Once the all clear is given by the emergency personnel, the Emergency Facilitator will notify the laboratory staff and they will be the first to be allowed back into the building.  The laboratory staff will make sure that doors into sensitive areas are secure and that all rooms are safe to reenter.  The Emergency Facilitator will then communicate to the Evacuation Area Coordinator that the all clear has been given and the faculty and students will then be released from the evacuation area and allowed to reenter the building.


 The building will be evacuated for the following conditions:

  •  fire
  • explosion
  • chemical spill
  • earthquake
  • power outage
  • bombthreat


The following emergency requires sheltering in place:

  •  active shooter



Last Updated: May 16, 2017
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