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Using the Media Resources Database

San Diego Mesa College has compiled and listed photo albums, videos, and articles written by outside organizations for your use. Media resources are also displayed at the end of related articles in the newsroom under the additional information section. 


The media resources be filtered by tag or using search. Use the filter to find all resources under a specific tag. Once a tag has been selected the list of tags will show only tags related to the current selection. Use search to find media resources by type, source, title or date. To search by month you must spell it completely out. By clicking the reset button it will clear all selected filters and search.

Sorting results

Media resources can be sorted by any column heading including date, type, and source. Simply click on the header sort by that column. By default the media resources list is sorted by date with the most recent addition first.

About the database

The media resources database is maintained by the Office of Communications.  For questions, comments or to submit resources to be included please contact Jennifer Nichols Kearns, Director of Communications.  All resources submitted will be reviewed and vetted prior to posting.

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Date Type Source Title Tags
November 30, 2021 Article Patch SDCCD Fall 2021 Issue Of WE Magazine Available Online

Inna Kanevsky, In The News, Professor

November 08, 2021 Article Governing How California's Redistricting May Impact San Diego County

In The News, Carl Luna, Professor

October 13, 2021 Article Reportr Do Liars Have Hand Gestures? Marcos Supporter's Post Stirs Talk on Facts

In The News, Mesa Professors, Professor, Inna Kanevsky

October 13, 2021 Article 8List John Zalon, Inna Kavensky, and ‘Psychology Facts’: Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See Online

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Professor

October 03, 2021 Article San Diego Union Tribune Arlene Wolinski

Professor, In The News, Arlene Wolinski, Obituary

September 30, 2021 Article LA Times Theodore Enns

In The News, Theodore Enns, Professor, Obituary

September 24, 2021 Article NBC News TikTok has new mental health resources for its users. Some experts say it's a good start.

Mesa Professors, Professor, Inna Kanevsky, In The News

September 20, 2021 Article Remezcla Late Artist Yolanda López Gets First Solo Exhibition in San Diego

In The News, Mesa Professors, Alessandra Moctezuma, Professor

September 16, 2021 Article Indian Express With wit and comedy, psychology professor debunks misinformation on TikTok

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Professor, Mesa Professors

September 16, 2021 Article KPBS Remembering Yolanda Lopez Chicana Artist and Activist from Barrio Logan

In The News, Alessandra Moctezuma, Mesa Professors, Professor

September 16, 2021 Article News18 Psychology Prof From California Who Debunks Myths On TikTok Is A Viral Sensation

Mesa Professors, Professor, In The News, Inna Kanevsky

September 15, 2021 Article San Diego Union Tribune Recall Election Costly To California Taxpayers

Professor, Mesa Professors, Carl Luna, In The News, recall election

September 10, 2021 Article The Guardian Trevor May obituary

Professor, Trevor May, In The News

September 07, 2021 Article KUSI News Yolanda López, Chicana artist who grew up in Barrio Logan, dies of cancer at 79

Alessandra Moctezuma, Professor, In The News

September 02, 2021 Article CBS8 The history of wearing white before and after Labor Day

Jeanne Reith, Fashion, In The News, Professor

August 29, 2021 Article Times of San Diego Ted Cruz to be San Diego GOP Keynoter as Possible 2024 Presidential Candidate

Carl Luna, Professor, In The News, GOP, Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Mesa Professors, Ted Cruz

June 27, 2021 Article San Diego Union Tribune Out of pain, ‘Twenty Women Artists’ express joy, passion and beauty

Alessandra Moctezuma, art gallery, Professor, In The News