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San Diego Mesa College's faculty and staff have a wide variety of skills and expertise ranging from local politics, ethnomusicology, and American literature to genetics, physics, and behavioral analysis.  Specialists are associated with one or more categories that are either in their field of study or general interest.


Specialists can be found either by filtering by subject or search.  Use the filters to find all specialists in a broad subject. Use search to find specialists in more specific areas. The search takes into account not just the topics but all the additional information listed as well.  To search simply enter a phrase or keyword into the search box and the list will filter down to relevant specialist.  Click on any name to view additional details. 

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Specialist can be sorted by name, expertise/interest, or department.  Simply click on the header.

About the database

The specialists list is maintained by the Office of Communications.  For questions, comments or to submit your information to be added as a specialist please contact Jennifer Nichols Kearns, Director of Communications.  Those individuals whose information is listed have agreed to be contacted by and responsive to media requests.

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Paul Detwiler

Biology, Ecology

Area of Expertise

Marine biology, biology of echinoderms (sea urchins and their allies), Coral reef ecology, Kelp forest ecology, Independent filmmaking

Paul Detwiler is a professor of biology at San Diego Mesa College. His expertise is in marine biology and ecology. He specializes in marine invertebrate zoology (especially the biology of echinoderms) and in the ecology of coral reefs, kelp forests, and rocky intertidal zones. He's also knowledgeable about independent filmmaking.

Role at Mesa

Professor, Biology


  • Master of Science, Marine Ecology, San Diego State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Genetics, UC Berkeley
  • Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology, UC Berkeley