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Transfer Center Contact Info
Location: Room I4-306
Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm

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 San Diego Mesa College Transfer Center

Transfer Center

Transfer Center

Location:I4-306 (3rd floor of the Student Services Building)
Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. & Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

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Upcoming Transfer Events:

  • Transfer Night: Tuesday, Nov. 6th from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the Student Services Building. For more infromation, visit the Transfer Center I4-306 or call 619-388-2473. Visit the Transfer Night page for more information.

♦ UC Application 

  • Did you apply for UC TAG in September? Click here for a helpful resource for TAG students. 
  • The University of California application is open for you to work on, however it will only be open for submission from Nov. 1st - Nov. 30th. You can start working on your transfer admission planner (TAP) now and be ready to submit it during the month of November. The deadline to submit your UC application is NOVEMBER 30th. Please visit the Transfer Center if you have any questions.This application guide can help you with your application process. 


  • California State University applications are opened from October 1st - November 30th. The deadline to submit your CSU application is NOVEMBER 30th (with the exception of certain CSU's).  Please visit the Transfer Center if you have any questions. This application guide can help you with your application process.  

♦  Associate Degrees for Transfer E-Verifications

Are you planning on applying to a Cal State University (CSU) and now you need to verify that you will receive your Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT, AA-T, AS-T) by the end of Spring 2019?  If the following requirements are met we will automatically electronically verify that you will receive your ADT by Spring 2018:

  1. Ed Plan: You met with a counselor to create an educational plan for an ADT.
  2. Petition for Graduation: You submitted your Petition for Graduation for an ADT by February 14, 2019.
  3. Will Complete Degree: You will or have completed your degree requirements for an ADT by the end of Spring 2019 (i.e. a Spring 2019 graduate or earlier)
  4. Indicated on CSU Application: In your CSU Admission Application you selected "Transferring with an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T, AS-T) from a California Community College" on the Extended Profile page and indicated you were getting a this degree from either Mesa, City or Miramar. 

E-Verifications will start after February 14, 2019. If all the requirements above are met, there is nothing you will need to do to have us E-Verify your ADT. If any of the requirements listed above are not met or if you have questions about E-Verification, please contact the Evaluations Office.



E-Verification is only required for students that are receiving an Associate Degree for Transfer. If you are unsure of whether you are getting an ADT degree click here to learn more or speak with a counselor.

Transfer Center Mission

The San Diego Mesa College Transfer Center is the focal point of transfer activities and up-to-date information for our diverse college community.  We provide resources and support to empower students to become experts of their transfer educational goals and transition to a four year institution.

Check out our TCE Infographic here!


Transfer Services we offer you:

The Transfer Center assists students transferring to four-year colleges and universities from Mesa College. We offer a variety of resources and services for your individual transfer needs:

  • Transfer Planning Workshops
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Programs
  • Articulation and Transfer Agreements/Requirements with 4-Year Universities
  • Walk-in Transfer Assistance
  • Appointments, Visits, and Workshops with University Representatives
  • Transfer Application Assistance
  • University Brochures and Handouts
  • University Bus Trips
  • Transfer Counseling Drop-Ins
  • Comprehensive Transfer Education Plans: See below for more information. 

Transfer Appointments

Appointments for transfer advising are available throughout the semester. Students are required to meet the following criteria prior to scheduling a transfer counseling appointment. Please see below:

  • Must have attended a transfer workshop OR have seen a Transfer Center counselor on a drop-in.
  • Completed the Math and English assessments OR an English and Math class.
  • Official transcripts of all colleges (outside SDCCD) attended on file.
  • Official transcripts must be evaluated for course equivalency.