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integrated planning survey and report

Integrated Planning
survey and report

San Diego Mesa College Integrated Planning Survey and Report

San Diego Mesa College has been working towards integrating Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), Student Equity (SE), and Student Success and Support Program (SSSP). In order to support Mesa in pursuing cohesive, integrated program strategies, your participation is requested by completing this survey and report.

In our effort to integrate and align SSSP and Equity resources and support innovative student success and equity practices across the campus, Student Development and Student Success & Equity have developed the Innovative Practice Funding Request form. This survey and report is designed to determine how funding has made efforts more efficient and sustainable. Thanks in advance for completing this form.

Please submit a form for each activity that was funded through the Innovative Practice Funding Request Form. You are welcome to submit an attachment of any findings, surveys, and additional information collected to Thank You.

Innovative Planning Survey FAQ
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10. Has this activity been assessed? (if no, please go to question 12)
If activity was not assessed, enter "not assessed"

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.