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Zoom Recording

Mesa Student Health Services presents COVID Listening Circle: Open Conversations on March 3, 2021 with Dr. Calvin Wong MD, Student Health Services Medical Director, Renee' Dean RN, Student Health Services Nurse and Aurora San Pedro LMFT, Student Health Services Mental Health Clinician Zoom recording click on Link!


Mesa Student Health Services hosted an event entitled “Rise Up”.  This event included readings by Alicia Keys from her book “More Myself”, African Drumming, a performance by Alyce Cooper Smith and songs/spoken word by Geminelle Rollins. We had presentations by President Pamela Luster, Dean Victoria Miller, Dean Larry Maxey, John Guinn LMFT, Linda Gibbins Croft LCSW, Mesa Students and more.  It’s a jam packed event designed to open your heart, instill enlightenment and rise you up in encouragement, hope and personal power.  We hope you will show this in your classrooms and watch at home. Click on Link!

 resilience past event

Mesa Student Health Services presents Alyce Smith Cooper and Yiriba through music and storytelling. Explore how to tap into your strength and succeed in school, to manage changes while living in the pandemic, and find action steps to succeed in your goals. Click on September 7, September 13, September 14 for Links!
Mesa Student Health Services presents How to Organize for a Successful Semester. Explore different methods to better organize & manage your time in order to have a successful semester. Click on September 22nd for link!
learnaboutdepression past event
Mesa Student Health Services presents Learn About Depression Workshop. Understanding what is depression, what are its effects, and how you can overcome it. Click here for link!
urbanrestoration fall21
Mesa Student Health Services presents the Urban Restoration Counseling Center. Please join in for a dialogue about taking care of your mental health.  This event is part of the Restorative Justice week. Click here for the link!
covid listening circle
Mesa Student Health Services presents the COVID Listening Circle: Open Conversations. Please join in for a dialogue on how we can do our part in beating COVID-19. Click here for the link!
Mesa Student Health Services hosts an educational presentation about the outbreak of Monkeypox. Please join in for more information on Monkeypox, and how you can prevent possible infection. Click here for the link!
Mesa Student Health Services invites you to join Calvin Wong, MD as he presents on the new Novavax & mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Click here for the link!
Birth Control
Mesa Student Health Services invites you to join Laura Milligan, FNP as she presents on different birth contorl options available to students. Click here for the link!
Mesa Student Health Services invites you to join Diego Flores, AMFT from the Urban Restoration Counseling Center as he presents on the power of resiliency, commonly referred to as "mental toughness". Click here for the link!
psychosis past event
Our valued students are under a great deal of pressure both societally and scholastically. Sometiems, latent brain concerns arise when stress levels are high. Psychotic symptoms don't always signal a serious schizophrniea, but they can be a heralding sign. Early intervention saves brain function. We want everyone to participate in this learning adventure to fully support our students when they suffer with hallucinations, delusions, and other early psychotic features. Our students' staff/faculty are the trusted peers/adults and may be the first person a student with psychotic features talks to. We're going to teach you how to talk with a psychotic person and persuade them into care. Click here for the link!
Narcan Training
Narcan Training Video: To watch the video please click following link!