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Student Resources

  1. Low Cost Counseling Resources
  2. Urgent Walk-In Services
  3. How to Cope With Anxiety About Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  4. Immunization Referral List
  5. Counseling Referrals
  6. ULIFELINE - The Self Evaluator was developed for ULifeline by Duke University School of Medicine and screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that college students face. This screening does not provide a diagnosis, but identifies problems that could be impacting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The screening process also provides information on these conditions and how to reach out for help.
  7. - Finding Balance by exploring the 6 Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Physical, Financial and Academic
  8. Student Health Services Price List

Faculty and Staff Resources

  1. Tele-health Informed Consent
  2. Informed Consent
  3. Student Health Services Intake
  4. Release of Information form FROM Mesa
  5. Release of Information form TO Mesa
  6. Referral form for Student Concern - Please submit the Referral form for Student of Concern to address any concerns you may have regarding a student. Such concerns may include mental health concerns, concerns about what a student is writing in class, students experiencing anxiety or depression, concerns regarding a student basic needs not being met, or any concern you may have regarding a student.  This form is sent directly to Suzanne Khambata, Director of Student Health Services.  Student Health Services will contact you to acquire more information and will reach out to the student to offer resources and assistance.