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Before You can Graduate

Are You Ready to graduate?

Below are the steps you need to take to ensure you graduate.

Step 1: apply to Graduate

Once you have an educational plan for the degree or certificate you wish to receive, you need to Apply for Graduation though your student portal at Under "My Academics" on the left-hand side of your student portal, click "Apply for Graduation". Be sure to click submit at the end!

  • You can apply up to two (2) semesters before you plan to finish your classes/graduate. However, it is recommend to apply for graduation before you graduate. If you are earning a Degree and/or Certificate, you are required to apply for graduation. 

Graduation deadlines vary from year to year. View the current academic year graduation deadlines here. NOTE: Deadlines are final.

Apply for Graduation - view the step-by-step tutorial below.


Step 2: view your degree evaluation on your mysdccd portal

Once you submit your Application for Graduation, please allow up to 4 months to view your graduation status in the My Academics section, located on the left-hand side of your student portal.

  • Make sure your email address is up to date, in case your evaluator needs to contact you for any reason. You can update your email address through your student portal.
  • It may take up to 3-4 months to receive your graduation status online.
  • If you have trouble understanding your graduation status, please contact your counselor.

Step 3: Receive an invitation for the Commencement ceremony


Please read the message below to its entirety. Please note: Apply for Graduation deadlines have not changed. 

On May 7, 2020 an email was sent to all eligible students who have applied for graduation from Mesa College in Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020.

Mesa College is committed to the health and safety of our campus community, and in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and the preventative mandates, it is with the utmost disappointment that Mesa College and the San Diego Community College District made the decision to cancel the in person 2020 Commencement Ceremony.  This Ceremony is a grand celebration marking the success of many of our graduates, and we are deeply saddened to be unable to hold it this year to honor you.

However, based on student responses to alternatives, President Luster announced during the College Forum on May 6 that Mesa College will be holding a Virtual Commencement Ceremony this year. We want to offer the opportunity for you, your family members and other supporters to celebrate your remarkable achievements and success during your time at Mesa College.

We will be using an online presentation platform provided by a company called Marching Orders. Each graduate will have the opportunity to be recognized with an official slide that can be customized with your photo and a personal message, which can also be downloaded and shared.

All students who have applied for graduation will receive an email from Mesa College via Marching Orders with instructions on how to register, create a password, and submit the information needed to create your personalized graduation slide.

Please make sure to log on, complete your registration and enter your information by the deadline of Tuesday, May 26, 2020. If you do not enter your information by this date, it will not be included in the Virtual Ceremony. Please note that participation is voluntary, so please disregard the email if you would rather not be a part of the virtual ceremony.

We look forward to celebrating and honoring you during the Virtual Commencement Ceremony. The presentation will be posted on the Mesa College website and run on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. It will also be available for viewing at any time after that.


  • If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder or contact Student Affairs at
  • For any questions regarding your graduation status, please contact the Mesa Evaluations office by emailing or by phone 619-800-3529.
  • For any questions or technical issues with Marching Order, please contact Student Affairs at

Congratulations on your achievement!

Thank you,

Mesa College Commencement Team

Step 4: Register to Participate in the Commencement Ceremony

  • Your participation in the Commencement Ceremony is OPTIONAL for you to receive your degree or certificate.
  • You must register if you wish participate in the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Your invitation will contain registration information including a website where you will register to participate. 
  • The deadline to register for the 2020 Commencement Ceremony is: TBA 
  • For a checklist of things you'll need to do for the Commencement Ceremony, visit the Commencement Checklist Page.
  • If you need assistance with the registration website contact the Mesa Evaluations Office at 619-388-2680 or email them at

step 5: Receive Your Diploma in the mail

You will not receive your diploma for your degree or certificate at the Commencement Ceremony. Diplomas for summer, fall, and spring graduates are mailed directly to the students after ALL coursework requirements for your degree or certificate are completed successfully.

  • Diplomas are mailed to the address listed on mySDCCD usually 8 weeks after the end of the semester.
  • You will receive a diploma cover at the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Make sure your mailing address and email is up to date. You can update your mailing address on mySDCCD.
  • Degrees and/or Certificates of Achievements will be posted on official transcripts on the following dates:
      • Fall 2019 Graduates: February 2020
      • Spring 2020 Graduates: July 2020
      • Summer 2020 Graduates: November 2020