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Commencement Checklist







For any questions regarding your graduation status, please contact the Mesa Evaluations office by emailing or by phone 619-388-2680.



Students must have a 3.5 GPA or higher with all degree or certificate applicable coursework to have an honors notation placed on the student's official transcript and diploma.The final honors distinction will be determined upon completion of all coursework completed through the spring semester for spring graduates or the summer term for summer graduates and fall semester for fall graduates.

How the GPA is calculated

Students graduating with honors will be notified that the honors distinction is pending at the time of the Commencement Ceremony, when the GPA is calculated based upon all degree or certificate applicable coursework completed through the fall semester of the year of the ceremony.

Honors Cord & tassels

Students graduating with honors will receive a special email in late Spring indicating that they are receiving honors. Student can purchase their honors cord and tassel for $16 in the Bookstore. Students must show the email they received to the Bookstore to purchase and obtain the honors cord and tassel.


The highest academic status a student can obtain is that of a Valedictorian. This signifies a 4.00 overall grade point average for all academic coursework (see a counselor for details.)