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Mesa Impactship Program (MIP)

Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) is seeking Mesa College faculty, classified staff, and admin wanting to serve as MIP Campus Mentors to support students in a workforce training experience within your student support department or academic program.

What is the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP)?

The Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) supports students with exploring careers, developing professional skills, and compensating hands-on industry experiences through internships, volunteering, or Directed Clinical Practice (DCP). MIP is designed to promote workforce training & employment opportunities with focus on underserved student populations. Eligible Mesa students may receive a one-time $1000 payment (also called a stipend) OR hourly compensation for student workplace training & enrollment in a Work Experience or Directed Clinical Practice (DCP) course. Funding is intended to support students with reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses such as childcare, equipment, fees, meals, professional attire, & more. MIP students will be part of a cohort community supported by Mesa faculty to help them prepare for career pathways.

Become a MIP Mentor to help students make an impact & intern with a purpose! 

MIP Mentors Support MIP Student Interns By:

  • Identifying valuable educationally beneficial training opportunities that relates to the student’s area of study, career objective, or the exploration of career objectives to develop MIP Student Intern(s) professional skills
  • NOTE: On-campus placements should have an associated research component related to the work, department, or career pathway of the MIP Student Intern
  • Providing ongoing training, support, & work direction of MIP Student Intern(s) and assigned scope of work
  • Nurturing MIP Student Intern(s) career exploration and professional development
  • Participating in site visits and evaluation of MIP student intern(s) work performance, project completion & professional skills

MIP Benefits

Next Steps to Become a MIP Campus Mentor:

  1. Speak with and receive appropriate approval from your direct Supervisor in your student support department or academic program in order to participate and serve as a MIP Mentor. 
    • NOTE: Any Mesa faculty, classified staff, or admin can serve as a MIP Mentor regardless of your level and/or title. You will be supporting a student as a mentor to give direction on work projects, not serving in a supervisor capacity.
  2. Develop a job description and identify at least 3 projects/research components that MIP Students will complete as an intern within your student support department or academic program.
  3. If interested in becoming a MIP Mentor, please complete the Fall 2023 MIP Mentor Interest Form.
    • Fall 2023 deadline for classified professional, faculty, or admin to apply to become a MIP Campus Mentor is July 31st
    • All Mesa faculty, classified professionals, and admin will be notified about next steps and if there is an eligible MIP student to mentor for the participating term.

MIP students

Questions or Ideas about MIP? 

Please contact the MIP Team!