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Mesa Impactship Program (MIP)

Interested in getting paid for your industry workplace training and developing your professional skills? Complete the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) Intake Form to check your eligibility!

***NOTE: The Spring 2023 MIP Intake Form deadline was January 20th and the application is now closed. Check back for more details for Summer/Fall 2023***

SAVE THE DATE: Approved MIP students for Spring 2023 will need to attend a mandatory kick-off event on February 3rd from 12:00-3:00pm at Mesa College - Details provided by MIP Coordinators.

MIP funds are limited. All students who submit a MIP Intake Form will be notified whether they are eligible to participate and what type of funding source they will receive (if approved).

Welcome to the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP)!

The Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) supports students with exploring careers, developing professional skills, and compensating hands-on industry experiences through internships, volunteering, or Directed Clinical Practice (DCP). MIP is designed to promote workforce training & employment opportunities with focus on underserved student populations. Eligible Mesa students may receive a one-time $1000 payment (also called a stipend) OR hourly compensation for student workplace training & enrollment in a Work Experience or Directed Clinical Practice (DCP) course. Funding is intended to support students with reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses such as childcare, equipment, fees, meals, professional attire, & more. MIP students will be part of a cohort community supported by Mesa faculty to help them prepare for career pathways. Make an impact & intern with a purpose! 

Complete the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) Intake Form to check your eligibility!

Benefits of the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP):

  • Get paid for your workplace training (required or highly encouraged by many academic majors)
  • Explore career pathways and companies to pursue
  • Career development support by Mesa faculty to help you navigate the workplace
  • Build your skills and experiences to stand out to employers - Get hired!
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Hard work pays off.
Getting Paid with Mesa Impactship Program (MIP):

MIP students will get paid in one of the following two ways. Eligible MIP students will be notified of their approval and type of compensation they will be awarded for their industry workforce training (if approved).

  • One-time $1000 payment (also called a stipend) distributed at the end of the semester
  • Hourly compensation (pay rate based on placement & type of employer) distributed throughout the semester

Requirements of the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP):

  • Identify with at least one underserved student population
  • Secure a job, internship, volunteer, or directed clinical practice (DCP) position for the participating semester.
  • Complete the Work Experience or DCP: Steps to Enroll and receive an add code (as needed). Inform faculty and MIP Coordinators once you enroll in designated class.  
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 1 unit of Occupational Work Experience Course (WORK 270), other Discipline Work Experience Course, or DCP Course within the participating semester.
  • Attend Mesa Impactship Program Kick-Off event for participating semester as required. Details provided by MIP Coordinators.
  • Complete the minimum Work Experience or DCP hours required by the units enrolled within the dates of the participating semester. Work Experience credit is awarded based on 60 unpaid hours per unit the student is enrolled. DCP hours vary by program/course.
  • Actively participate in Mesa Impactship Program Canvas shell as required. 
  • Provide Video Reflection(s) for the Mesa Impactship Program regarding your work placement experience and exploration of career pathways.
  • Complete all Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) forms and Completion Survey to provide your feedback regarding your work placement experience. 

Complete the Mesa Impactship Program (MIP) Intake Form to check your eligibility!