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What to Enter Into Taskstream?


What should be entered into Taskstream? 

Once your assessments are complete, data has been collected, and faculty/staff/administrators have had a chance to analyze and to evaluate the outcome, the information must be added into our data management system. 

Process information to be entered should include:

  • Assessment design participants
  • Program outcome that was assessed
  • Assessment method
  • Measurement goal
  • Timeline
  • Assessment delivery

Assessment results may be entered as:

  • Qualitative or quantitative data
  • Formative or summative data
  • Rubrics
  • Narrative Response
  • Documented conversations regarding outcomes
  • Performances (video or other digital imaging)
  • Presentations (video or other digital imaging)
  • Documentation of the staff/faculty/administration discussion of assessment results

As a result of your review of all relevant assessments and your area’s discussion, what planned changes are intended for the program?  What is your Action Plan?

The Action Plan describing planned changes and needed resources to improve student success should include:

  • Explanation of any changes you intend to implement
  • Required Resources
  • Timeline
  • Individuals responsible for implementing your planned changes
  • How will you assess whether the planned changes were successful once implemented?
  • In what areas (outside of this particular program) are improvements needed, or what barriers must be removed to further support students who are completing this particular program?

Last Updated: August 1, 2017
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