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Student Services Program Outcomes (SSPO)

Student Service Program Outcomes (SSPO) are statements that identify the program's client, experiences that the client may expect, and the resulting goals of those experiences. Student Service Program Outcomes identify the processes and functions expected of the program, and the desired goals of that program (retention and completion, academic networking, academic support, etc.).

Writing of Student Service Program Outcomes should begin with a collective discussion about how the program can best serve students; the group should include all employees who work in that program.  After brainstorming, the outcomes can be written using action language about what students will be able to “DO” as a result of participation in the Program. The outcomes should be broad and overarching goals that might encompass many detailed activities leading to the overall successful support of a student. The Program Outcomes should also be connected with the mission and need to be measureable.

Last Updated: May 25, 2017
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