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What to Enter Into Taskstream?


What should be entered into Taskstream? 

Once your assessments are complete, data have been collected, and staff/faculty/administrators have had a chance to analyze and to evaluate the outcome, the information must be added into our data management system. 

Process information to be entered should include:

  • Student Service area
  • Assessment design participants
  • Outcome that was assessed
  • Assessment method
  • Measurement goal
  • Timeline
  • Assessment delivery

Assessment results may be entered as:

  • Qualitative or quantitative data
  • Formative or summative data
  • Rubrics
  • Narrative Response
  • Documented conversations regarding outcomes
  • Performances (video or other digital imaging)
  • Presentations (video or other digital imaging)
  • Documentation of the faculty/staff/administrator discussion of assessment results

The Action Plan describing planned changes and needed resources to improve student success should include:

  • Explanation of any changes you intend to implement
  • Required Resources
  • Timeline
  • Individuals responsible for implementing planned changes
  • How will you assess whether the planned changes were successful once implemented? 

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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