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Student Services Outcomes Defined


Student Service Outcomes (SSO)

Student Service Outcome (SSO) are statements that identify a service area’s client, service provided, and the experience that the service provides. Student Service Outcomes identify critical and central services, processes, and functions expected of a department and the desired quality (timeliness, accuracy, responsiveness, effectiveness, etc.).

Writing of service area outcomes should begin with a collective discussion about how the individual area supports students; the group should include all employees who work in an area.  After brainstorming, the outcomes can be written using action language about what students will be able to “DO” as a result of contact with the service area. The outcomes should be broad and overarching goals that might encompass many detailed activities leading to the overall successful support of a student. The service area outcomes should also be connected with the mission and need to be measureable.

SSO include support services and structured events that occur outside of the classroom. These areas may be designed to complement the academic programs or serve students in ways that support their college experience beyond the classroom. Student services outcomes should enhance student learning and the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and governance programs by:

  • Informing students regarding college policies and procedures and how these relate to their lives and activities
  • Aiding in the awareness and utilization of college facilities and resources
  • Assisting with developing leadership, decision-making and related skills
  • Encouraging engagement in the campus community and society
  • Encouraging exploration of activities that provide opportunities for growth in individual and group settings
  • Exposing students to various cultures and experiences, ideas and issues, art and musical forms and styles of life

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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