San Diego Mesa College

Message from the President


Mesa College President, Pam Luster

Learning Outcomes have been part of our vernacular for several years now. We have been diligently working to create outcomes and assessments that are meaningful and most importantly, lead to results that improve student learning.

To sharpen our skills and to increase our knowledge, faculty and staff have attended professional development workshops and conferences focused on outcomes assessment. In addition, due to the work of the Learning Assessment Task Force, and now the Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA), we are implementing effective practices across the college.

I am pleased that COA is now publishing a handbook to assist faculty and staff in instruction, student services and administrative services to complete this important work. It is the dialog that emerges from setting outcomes, doing the assessments and acting on the results that are most crucial. I will repeat here what I am often heard saying as we approach this, “You don’t have to do it perfectly… you just have to do it.” Hopefully we can do more, but one step at a time.

Last Updated: May 22, 2017
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