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Development and Assessment of ILOs


Development & Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes are developed and systematically evaluated each cycle by the Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA), then vetted through the Participatory Governance organization of the College.  ILOs are assessed through the Campus Research Office.

Mesa Collage ILO are assessed through use of a Graduate Survey.  Invitations to complete the survey are sent to all graduating students prior to the May Commencement.  The survey explores  graduating students’ perceptions of Mesa College and provides a self-assessment to students related to the college’s institutional learning outcomes.  The survey includes two Likert scales each with one item pertaining to each institutional learning outcome. In addition, open ended items related to most valuable learning experiences and suggestions for change or improvement are also contained in the survey.   Respondents were asked to rate the degree to which their experiences at Mesa College helped them in overarching areas based on the college’s institutional learning outcomes.

Mesa's ILO are also assessed through mapping of Program Outcomes to the Institutional Learning Outcomes.  This association shows links between instruction, student services, and administrative services and provides documentation of a collaborative effort for teaching and learning at Mesa College.

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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