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Review of Program Mission and Outcomes


Review of Program's Mission

All departments and programs at Mesa should already have a mission statement. But, before you start the process of revising your Program Learning Outcomes, it is a good idea to revisit and update, if necessary, the mission of the department or program. Your Department/Program mission should provide a clear description of the purpose of the program and reflect how the program contributes to the education and careers of students served by the program. The mission of your department or program should be aligned with the College mission, but be specific to your program’s unique identity. The mission should also guide you in the development of your learning outcomes. Does your Program's mission still align with the College's mission?

Review of Program Outcomes

Again, all departments and programs at Mesa already have Program Outcomes. But in the first year of the cycle, COA suggests that you revisit the Program Outcomes to make sure that they are still aligned to the principles of your Program. Programs may do this more frequently, but COA suggests, at a minimum, doing so at the beginning of each cycle.

Some things to consider:

Most programs at Mesa have identified three to five learning outcomes. By publishing clearly written learning outcomes, you present the students with your promise, a promise about what they can expect to achieve when they complete your program successfully. As faculty, this is your commitment to your students, and the assessment process presents evidence to them that you honor that commitment.

In reviewing your Program Outcomes, COA suggests that the discussion include not only Departmental Faculty, but also staff, students, alumni and professionals in the community who will employ your graduates to create the most relevant learning outcomes possible. A program or department should have three to five key program learning outcomes that answer the question:

  1. What will students who graduate from our program be able to DO
    • Intellectually?
    • Physically?
    • Emotionally?
  2. What minimal skill set should our graduates have acquired by the time they leave our college?
  3. What knowledge, skills, or attitudes distinguish the graduates of our program from other students on campus?

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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