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The Curriculum Map

The Curriculum Map is another tool useful in assessing Program Outcomes. The Curriculum Map serves as the legend to your program; it unlocks your program and gives you the information needed for the program to make sense. In reviewing your program, faculty need to understand how courses fit together, which courses offer introductory information, which offer developing skills, and which offer mastery. By designing an assessment process that views the progression of the student through your program, you can identify course strengths and weaknesses that may lead to gaps in your program.

After collectively reviewing the Curriculum Map and the integration of learning outcomes and their assessments, faculty should look for redundancies and gaps in the coverage of the learning outcomes. Determine whether each and every program learning outcome receives sufficient attention in various courses to ensure that the students experience enough practice opportunities to attain the program learning outcomes successfully. Not every course needs to address multiple learning outcomes; covering all learning outcomes and how this occurs is a function of the entire curriculum.

General Education Map

The General Education Map serves to help department's define which of their courses fall into the GE category, which are requirements or electives of the major and which are stand alone courses.  It is important to note that most course offerings should be GE or Major requirements or electives.

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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