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Writing/Editing Outcomes


Writing New Outcomes

AUOs are specific to the unit’s mission and service area and should be feasible to achieve in the performance review period. AUO statements often mention the quality of a service or the satisfaction of clients with a specific process or service provided by the unit.

Identify the key service(s) your unit provides to the Mesa community. The service(s) should be a fundamental function of your unit, and what you deem to be the most valuable. COA suggests assessing one to two services within a one-year assessment period.

Once you have identified your service(s), you need to write the actual Outcome. The AUO for that service should describe what your client will receive, experience, or understand as a result of your service.   Develop one AUO statement per service.

A few examples of how to begin the AUO Statement:

Faculty and staff will receive… The campus will receive…

Faculty and staff will be satisfied with…

(Said unit) will provide satisfactory service to…

Last Updated: June 14, 2017
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