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Administrative Unit Outcomes

Although Outcomes are used across many campus programs and services, AUOs are exclusive to non- instructional departments, programs, and services at the College. AUO assessment is an essential piece of the College’s planning process. Every department provides a service, direct or indirect, in support of the College’s mission, and client experiences with these services must be examined in order for the service (and the College’s overall performance) to improve.

Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUO) are concise statements which describe what an administrator, faculty, staff or student will experience, receive, or understand as a result of a given service. Administrative Services refer to non-instructional areas which may directly or indirectly improve student success. AUOs provide data and evidence of a client reaction that has occurred as a result of receiving your service. The assessment will vary based on the size of your office and nature of client that you serve.

Last Updated: January 24, 2018
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