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Methods of Assessment


Methods of Assessment 

While COA suggests using direct methods of assessment as much as possible, we recognize that in Administrative Services, indirect assessments are more likely to be utilized. If using direct assessment, identify and examine the user's work product to determine whether the assessment is a relevant, valid, and reliable assessment of your outcomes.

Direct Assessment

  1. Random sampling of clients to determine the efficiency of a form staff fills out in your
  2. Random sampling of clients to determine the efficiency of a system in place in your
  3. Random sampling of returning clients to determine success of a service or improvement of a process.
  4. Sampling of first time clients visiting your office to determine efficiency of instructions based on client's ability to interpret and complete required

Indirect Assessment

  1. Surveys
  • Surveys can reveal your clients’ attitudes and opinions about what they got from the experience of visiting your office.
  1. Evaluations that you create to garner specific information from clients
  • Entrance and/or exit tickets, for example
  1. External Reviewers who observe your process
  • Colleague or Industry Professional

Last Updated: May 25, 2017
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