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Student Success Teams


A Student Success Team (SST) is a solution oriented general education process whose purpose is to engage all involved parties in providing an equitable, positive, problem-solving approach to assist students, families and teachers in developing effective solutions, identify instructional strategies, interventions and/or supports that may resolve or alleviate academic, behavioral, and/or social-emotional needs.  The SST process may lead to a continuum of educational programming and services for maximizing student success within the school environment. The mission of the workgroup is to develop and institutionalize SST’s at Mesa College.


  1. Explore and research approaches to SST’s already implemented at other institutions.
  2. Develop, Pilot, and Evaluate a Student Success Team for the 22-23 Academic Year.
  3. Expand and Institutionalize SST’s starting in the 23-24 Academic Year.


Increase student success. The following student success metrics are part of the Mesa2030 Roadmap:​

  • Completion: the percentage of students who complete their educational goal (degree, certificate, transfer/transfer prepared) within six years.​
  • Term to Term Persistence: Percentage of students who continue at Mesa from term to term. ​
  • Course Success: Percentage of students enrolled at census who complete a course with a passing grade. ​

In accordance with the Mesa Pathways Call to Action, we would also like to shorten the time it takes students to complete their educational goals. ​

Meeting Times:

1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 4-5:00pm

Meeting Dates:

Spring Semester 2022 Fall Semester 2022
  • April 6
  • May 18
  • May 9
  • May 4
  • September 7

Agendas & Meeting Notes:

Spring Semester 2022 Fall Semester 2022


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Ian Duckles (Lead) Faculty   Philosophy
Gina Abbiate (Lead) Faculty Mathematics
Pahua Vang (Lead)
Administrative Assistant
Student Success and Equity
Denise Rogers Acting Dean Arts & Languages
Bridget Herrin Institutional Research Institutional Effectiveness
Danica Moore Chemistry Contract Chemistry
Cynthia Rico Faculty Counseling
Michael Harrison Foreign Language- SPAN Contract Languages
Jocelyn De Santiago-Ramirez Student Representative Pathways Fellows
Sandra Belew Mathematics Contract Mathematics
Marisa Alioto Pathways Coordinator Counseling
Howard Eskew Pathways Coordinator Business & Technology