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Mesa Pathways

Pathways Project Grants Funding

The Mesa Pathways Committee provided funding to projects related to advancing our Mesa Pathways efforts here on campus!

Please see the list of Funding awardees and their projects:

Spring 2021 Grant Awards

Please see below for the Pathways Projects Grants information.

Reports from recipients:

Mesa Pathways Grant Final Report

NOTE: The application process is currently closed.


  • Projects must relate to Mesa Pathways efforts by identifying which of the four pillars of Pathways it relates to (Clarify the Path, Enter the Path, Staying on the Path and Ensure Learning).
  • Funding will not be granted for food, travel, or events.
  • The maximum award amount will be $5,000.
  • All monies awarded must be used by the end of the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Please review the sample packet for reporting requirements: Pathways Project Grant Award Sample Packet
Non-Allowable Expenses

The following items cannot be considered for funding using Pathways Funds:

  1. Gifts -- Public funds may not be used for gifts or monetary awards of any kind.
  2. Stipends for students -- funds cannot be used to pay stipends to students for participation in program or classroom activities.
  3. Political Contributions.
  4. Courses -- funds may not be used to pay for the delivery of courses that generate FTES.
  5. Supplanting –- Any funds spent on these programs should supplement, not replace, general or state categorical (restricted) district funds expended on similar program activities prior to the availability of program funding. This restriction applies to categorical programs and any other federal, state, and county programs.

If you have questions about a specific funding item, please send your inquiry to

Funding Process:

    1. Proposals will be ranked using the Mesa Pathways Funding Rubric:

    1. Proposals considered must be submitted through the MPC Funding application form before the deadline. A link will be posted here when the application is open.

Sample Grant Application

Timeline for Mesa Pathways Project Funding:

  • Check back for timeline and submission dates.