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Nina Nordstrom


Nina Nordstrom

Hello, my name is Nina Nordstrom. I returned to college in 2015 and as an older, returning student, I quickly found I had a lot to learn about college life and how much it had changed since first obtaining my degree. A turning point for me was when I met with one of my professors and explained the difficulties I was having regarding being a student again. The open communication opened doors for me that I never would’ve imagined.

During an on-campus Mesa job fair, I connected with the Mesa Tutoring and Computing Centers, where I’ve been working as a tutor and mentor since the fall of 2017. In January 2021, I was accepted as a Pathways Fellow, where I have enjoyed working collaboratively with various campus committees, focused on improving student equity, access to resources and support services, as well as amplifying student voices across the Mesa campus. Since becoming involved with various interest and work groups, I have gained a greater understanding of the equity gaps and challenges faced by different sectors of the Mesa student body. I was blessed with a very caring professor, who guided my efforts and supported my dedication to my academic goals. I hope to do the same and help pave a path of success for all current and future Mesa students.

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