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Lindy Mosqueda


Lindy Mosqueda

I’m a Mesa Alumni who graduated from Mesa College in the spring of 2020. At Mesa, I majored in Business Administration and got my associate degree in Business Administration for Transfer where I continue my academic journey now at SDSU.

Being given the opportunity to work on campus when I was attending Mesa gave me the chance to see first-hand the challenges and barriers students come across and make them feel lost and needed a helping hand for direction. This is where my love for education and my passion for giving back to the community evolved because I am not a first-generation student so while I had some sense of direction from my sister on how to navigate on campus I saw most students did not which is one of the main reasons I chose to get involved in the Mesa Pathways Fellows program because I want to make sure that the voices of Mesa students who might not be employees are being heard and amplified because they matter too. I’m a firm believer that in life you can pursue more than one passion you have which is the reason I want to continue giving back to students.

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