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Lima Khalid


Lima Khalid

I joined San Diego Mesa College in hope of getting an associate degree for transfer. Starting my associate degree journey at Mesa College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. During my time here I was able to gain lots of knowledge about different STEM-related career fields that I was planning to pursue. With the help of Mesa College community, I was able to get my associate of liberal arts and sciences in mathematics and pre-engineering and transfer to UCSD.

Currently, I am studying structural engineering at UCSD. The experience I gained from Mesa college was an important milestone for my future goals and my engineering career. Because of all the opportunities and support that were made available to me at Mesa College, I was able to achieve my education goals and that’s why I decided to join Mesa Pathways Fellows program. By joining the Mesa Pathways program I am hoping to share my experience with other fellow students, provide support and guidance, and help them succeed in their education journeys.

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