Teacher Education Deber Scholars - San Diego Mesa College

Arleen Torres


Arleen Torres

I am a current student and began my journey here at Mesa College in the Fall of 2021, with all remote classes. The pandemic presented us with new challenges and took us all through a non-traditional route, a bumpy road to say the least.

Fortunately, I was able to navigate my way through the first semester with help from Alumni and resources from Mesa. I have been able to share this newly gained information within my small circle of family and friends who attend Mesa. I am truly grateful for all the resources that Mesa college offers to historically underprivileged communities and people of color. I will continue to champion these offerings to those who most need that help. 

Moreover, I decided to join Mesa Pathways to reach more students, and bring light to the experiences that they or I have had, in order to fully embrace the diversity of our student body. My goal is to facilitate access to resources for my fellow students, families, and the community. I hope to even the bumpy road of managing college for us, and future Mesa students with Pathways. If my academic trajectory leads me down the path I expect to achieve, I will transfer to SDSU and earn a Master's Degree.