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Mesa Pathways

Mesa Pathways Committee


The Mesa Pathways Committee acts as an advisory committee whose members are charged with assisting in the coordination of workgroup activities, aid in the creating Mesa Pathways professional development activities, provide guidance and support to all aspects of the work of Mesa Pathways.

Pathways MPC Committee Structure


  1. Serve in an advisory capacity for the Mesa Pathways work and to the various workgroups.
  2. Assist and support in creating Mesa Pathways professional developing activities for the campus.
  3. Members will report to various constituent groups about Mesa Pathways work, activities, and progress.
  4. Provide guidance in the development of policies and procedures affecting the Mesa Pathway initiative.


  1. Workgroups will have strong support and guidance for completing its charge.
  2. Members of the committee will take an active part in the Guided Pathways initiative by playing an active role in a workgroup.
  3. Campus community will benefit from hearing and understanding a consistent message from all members of the committee pertaining to the work, activities, and progress of Mesa Pathways.

Meeting Times:

Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:45 pm – 2:15 pm. Online via ZOOM (Fall 2022) 

MpC Agendas, Minutes, & Workgroup Reports: 

Fall Semester 2022

Spring Semester 2022

Fall Semester 2021

Spring Semester 2021


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Howard Eskew Pathways Coordinator Faculty, Business
Marisa Alioto Pathways Coordinator Faculty, Counseling
Anne Hedekin Counselor Transfer Center
Leticia Diaz Acting Student Services Dean Student Success and Equity
Bridget Herrin Institutional Research Institutional Effectiveness
Cat Prindle Counselor College of Continuing Education
Rachel Russell Faculty Geographic Information Systems
Pahua Vang Administrative Assistant Student Success and Equity
Anda McComb Administrative Technician Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia Rico Faculty Counseling
Daniela Perez-Padilla Student Representative Pathways Fellows
Gina Abbiate Faculty Mathematics
Ian Duckles Faculty Philosophy
Isabel O’Connor Vice President of Instruction Instruction
Jennifer Kearns Director Office of Communications
John Crocitti History Faculty Academic Senate
Karla Trutna Outreach Coordinator Student Services
Larry Maxey Acting Vice President of Student Services Student Services
Linda Hensley Instructional Dean Instruction
Jill Moreno-Ikari Chair of Chairs English Faculty
Olivia Picolla TCE Supervisor Student Services
Shawn Fawcett Work Based Learning Coordinator WBL