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College of Continuing Education


To support student success in their career and academic pathways through effective communication and partnerships between Continuing Education and Mesa College.


  1. Create a webpage as a communication bridge between College of Continuing Education (CCE) and the credit colleges, starting with Mesa.
  2. Presentations to specific CE classes and/or groups:
    DSPS Counselors from Mesa present to the Basic Education non-credit college prep class. This is a "bridge" course particularly for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.


  1. Clear and consistent information, readily available to students who may wish to transfer from CE to Mesa or from Mesa to CE.
  2. Students will have clear answers to their questions, whether it be from the bridge website, the classroom presentations or from their counselors and instructors (given that the communication is so effective between the two).

Meeting Times:

Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month from 10:00am – 11:00am. Meetings are being held virtually until further notice.

Agendas & Meeting Notes:

Spring Semester 2023 Fall Semester 2022
Spring Semester 2022 Fall Semester 2021
Spring Semester 2021 Fall Semester 2020


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Natalie Lindenberg
Faculty College of Continuing Education (CCE)
Karla Trutna (Co-Chair) Outreach Coordinator Student Services
Gina Abbiate Faculty Mathematics Chair
Alison Damoose Faculty Mathematics
Jocelyn De Santiago-Ramirez Pathways Fellow Mesa Pathways
Leticia Diaz Director EOPS and Special Programs
Howard Eskew Faculty, Mesa Pathways Co-Coordinator Business, Academic Senate
Claudia Estrada-Howell Supervisor Transfer, Career, Evaluations
Helen Greenbergs Faculty Psychology
Alison Gurganus Faculty Instruction Librarian
Linda Hensley Dean Humanities
Erika Higginbotham Coordinator DSPS
Emmett “Chip” Lancaster Faculty Mathematics
Gilda Maldonado Director Financial Aid
Lindy Mosqueda Pathways Fellow Mesa Pathways
Michelle “Toni” Parsons Faculty, Mesa Pathways Co-Coordinator Mathematics
Cat Prindle Counselor College of Continuing Education (CCE)
Edith Quintero Counselor College of Continuing Education (CCE)
Cynthia Rico Faculty Counselor
Chris Sullivan Faculty English Chair
Joel Vera Gonzalez Project Assistant Outreach
Tonya Whitfield Faculty Culinary