Mesa College Parking information, Fall 2021:

  • Student permits are NOT required for Fall 2021. 
  • Vehicles without a parking permit must park in a regular student parking space.  
  • Faculty/staff parking permits ARE required.  Parking permits and replacement permits are available at your campus College Police office.
  • Wi-fi lots are still available with the same rules for use.   Wi-fi lots are in staff parking areas, therefore vehicles parked without a valid permit MUST BE OCCUPIED and the occupant prepared to show proof of enrollment upon request.
  • Campus Police Offices are open now.  New faculty/staff and NANCE employees with a permit application can obtain a parking permit there. 
  • Contract permits are valid until January 2022.  
  • Lost permits can be replaced, free of charge, in your campus police office.
  • One year permits that expire August 31, 2021 will be honored until September 30, 2021.   You can apply for your replacement permit now.
  • Red zones, disabled parking and all other violations will be enforced.