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Grant Process

Step 1 – Prior to Writing a Grant Application
Prior to applying for any grant, complete the Mesa College Grant Form: Step 1- Intent to Apply.   This form captures basic information about the opportunity and should be completed prior to starting a grant application. Once the form is filled out and necessary signatures are gathered, a Vice President or the Director of Resource Development may bring it to the Executive Administrative team for consideration and approval. Once approved, grant applications may be drafted.

Step 2 – Prior to Submitting a Grant Application
Communicate with all stakeholders when developing your grant application. Once a draft application is developed, route for approval through a Dean, Vice President, or Director of Resource Development to the Executive Administrative team.

Step 3 – Prior to Receiving a Grant
Awarded grants must be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to funds being received. To do so, an item must be added to the Board Agenda in accordance with the Board Agenda Item Process. For information about this process, a list of critical dates and deadlines, and a sample template used to add a grant to the agenda, please visit the Board Agenda Item Process page.

For any questions, contact the Administrative Services at ext 2926 or the Resource Development Office at ext 2285.