jerry schad Observatory
jerry schad observatory

Located on the roof of the Math-Science Complex, the Jerry Schad Observatory consists of a viewing platform and several permanent telescope mounts designed to accommodate a variety of equipment, including several 6-inch Maksutov cassegrain telescopes, a 12-inch schmidt cassegrain telescope, several solar telescopes, high-powered binoculars, camera mounts, and other assorted equipment. 

The observatory is equipped with remote viewing capability, such that the 12-inch telescope can be controlled from the astronomy lab on the first floor.  The observatory is used for a variety of purposes, including academic instruction, student projects, public viewings, and star parties, as well as specialized workshops and seminars involving Mesa College faculty, local teachers, and their students. 


Gerald (Jerry) Schad grew up in the Bay area but moved to the San Diego area for graduate studies in astronomy.  He joined the Mesa faculty in 1975 and served as the Chair of the Physical Sciences Dept. from 1999 - 2011.  He was a noted author of many books on nature and hiking including his famous 'Afoot and Afield' series; a noted nature and astrophotographer, and a major force in the development of Math+Science Complex, including the Observatory.