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2021-2022 Candidate Statements for Associated Students Officer Positions


Natalia Trinh
Greetings, I’m Natalia Trinh. As President, I will ensure that the students’ voice is heard. I will accomplish any duties utilizing my previous experience and gained skills as a member of the Associated Student Government, Academic Senate, 2020 Mesa Taskforce, and the APIA committee. I believe that everyone deserves to be successful in whatever they pursue and I hope to be the catalyst in my fellow schoomates’ journey and see everyone accomplish their goals.

Michael Wang
(No statement submitted)



Nargis Ahmadi
I am an Afghan immigrant and a cognitive sciences undergraduate at Mesa College. I was the president and founder of the American Red Cross club in my high school. I am currently volunteering in the local hospital as a means of showing my gratitude to the healthcare workers and helping my community heal. My future career goal is to become a caring physician. I will bring diversity and unity as an elected associated student senator.

Forest Corbett

Forest has previous experience serving as a Senator for the Associated Students during Spring 2021 and is honored to have the privilege of running for a second term. She understands the importance of the position and is passionate about advocating for and representing the students at Mesa College. Forest is a psychology major with plans to obtain a master's in ABA and continue her work in the autism community as a behavioral health technician.

Daniayarit Garcia
Daniayarit Garcia is a Mexican-American student majoring in Economics and Law, Public Policy, and Society. She is an active member of San Diego Mesa College’s environmental and sustainability club Terramesa, where she helps with the ongoing activities and projects such as the Green Revolving Fund. She wants to act on matters of gender, race, and climate justice as an advocate, and expand her reach to share proper narratives to regenerate social, cultural and environmental systems.

Wencit Quino Hersh
My name is Wencit Quino Hersh, first in my family attended college. I grew up in the island of Cebu Philippines. Right now, I am taking Certificate of Achievement in Accounting and will be taking Business Administration transfer program. I am very interested to be part of the Associated Student to learn and to share my knowledge. It will be a great opportunity to be amongst learners that wishes to go above and beyond.

Cat Uyen Le
Hello, my name is Cat Le and I’m running for a senator position. I have a strong desire to help and be a strong voice for students by giving new ideas and putting thoughts on the round table. I believe I can assist in bringing about positive changes and positive interactions for the students at San Diego Mesa College. Serving as a senator during the next term would be a tremendous honor for me.