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2021-2022 Candidate Statements for Associated Students Officer Positions
Voting will take place September 20th-24th, 2021.



Wencit Quino Hersh
Wencit is from the island of Cebu in the Philippines. She is the eldest of seven children. Wencit is studying Accounting and Business Management. She is one of Associated Senators at Mesa College and a Mesa College delegate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges Region X. She loves to sail and spending quality time with her husband and daughter.



Alexa Coburn
Although I have no previous leadership experience, I was part of the College Connection program as a senior. I am self-motivated, I like sharing ideas, and I want to make an impact. As a business major, I believe being part of student government would set me up for success along with the community who uses my business. I would love to help make decisions about important topics that impact students.

Daniela Castellanos
Daniela Castellanos
I am a hardworking, dedicated and determined student who uses her voice for the greater good. Being a leader and speaking up is something that I am passionate about. Furthermore, I am currently involved as an Outreach Ambassador and AIAS. Furthermore, I am also planning to join PTK and the honors program. I am majoring in Architecture and my goal is to transfer to an Ivy League school and be successful in what I do.

Elisa Correa
I have never held a position in activities such as student body. We had no such organization at my previous school, which resulted to be frustrating. No one heard student’s voices, and I was the only one who would try to talk with superiors, only to not be listened. I wish to be a voice for students in the future, which is the present. I want to help everyone around me succeed in community college and never need to feel that frustration of not being listened.

Husnia Ahmadi
Hello, I am a passionate, dependable, and caring person. As an immigrant student, I want to bring diversity to our school. I have previously worked closely with the Honors Society, Red Cross, and currently working with the Salud Club. I am currently volunteering at a hospital to help our community in this difficult time. I will do my best to ensure that students' voices are heard and resolve problems through working with students.

Manuela Cerciello Rahbari
Manuela Cerciello Rahbari
My name is Manuela Cerciello-Rahbari I am an honor student majoring in business attending my 3rd year at San Diego Mesa College. I currently manage two Airbnb properties. This includes advertising, managing money, cleaning, and organizing. I am a confident leader/ decision-maker, I want to help our college be more accessible and helpful. I am applying for this position because I want to help improve our school and be a resourceful leader.

Marlon Mendoza
I will not apply for an appointed position, however, I want to be a part of the AS and observe this year because this is my first time ever enrolling in any type of school-government body and I want to see what it’s like and at least hear things that will happen at Mesa. My goal in terms of academics is to get an AA in digital art and transfer to either SDSU or UCSD with a major in graphic design or studio art. My goal for AS is to hopefully next year apply for the secretary position and get it. I know it sounds weird since I mentioned this is my first time ever enrolling in any form of student government body but I think it would be an interesting experience and I believe that my personality fits that role the best.

Maryam Fazel
This is Maryam Fazel biological science student and (Pre-medical). I graduated from school in Afghanistan. I can speak four languages. I became President’s Highest Honors in SCC. I was a member of the School Writers Association and debate group. Volunteer author for Kardan School newspaper and participant of Kabul Model United Nation. My goal has always been to do more than just study, to be useful to others and be the voice of the students.

Nyvine Habchi
Nyvine Habchi
In my experience in ASGC, I have discovered several ways to support and focus the intention of the student government in Grossmont College. I was Vice President of ASGC 2015-2016 and awarded “Most Significant Contribution to Student Government”. I’m applying for the position in the President’s Cabinet because I believe, with my knowledge from my work as a Vice President, I can be helpful to the board in ensuring the equitable treatment of all students.

Omar Rodriguez Mendoza
Hi, I’m Omar. Before attending Mesa, I was part of my high school's JROTC program. I held leadership positions such as First Sergeant and Company Commander. I have also volunteered within the program and was part of the Armed Drill Team and Honor Guard. I am applying for a position in the associated students to learn more about Mesa, positively impact students, and be a voice at Mesa College and the community around it.

Osten Carlton
Osten Carlton
As a senator I intend to make a positive impact on our community. Some of my passions are sports, art, fitness, and fashion. I am currently on a dance team and exploring martial arts while I’m going to school to be a physical therapist and working at a grocery store. I love to work hard especially if it’s to make others happy and I hope to achieve that as your senator. Thank you so much!

Phoebe Truong
Phoebe Truong
During current events, we can all truly see how increasingly important it is to participate in making a difference in our communities. A huge part of AS is advocating for those around you. I hope to do this one day as a nurse! I decided that I wanted to be a nurse after years of volunteering in the hospital and working with patients who fought cancer and Parkinsons. My goal is to transfer to UCI!

Seyed Amere Hosseini
I have done various internships in international business. In one of the internships, I was the leader of international students in communication since I speak four languages. At Miramar College, I was one of the Student officer of BusinessClub . I participate in various workshops and made many contacts with students across the United States. My goals are to build a solid team to serve the community, connect with students, strive to link the association and the students, and develop relationships with other colleges.

Sophia Summer Fiorini
My name is Sophia Fiorini. I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to San Diego in 2017. My major is Architectural Design. As I became more and more excited about my major and future, I also developed a desire to become more involved and participative in what is happening around me. I have had leadership experiences outside of the academic world and look forward to using them as an asset.

Tara Yousefi Nejad
Tara Yousefi Nejad
Tara was Senator of AS at Mesa. She is a representative of Mesa Foundation. Tara is a member of  Phi Theta Kappa. Tara has been placed on Mesa College's Dean's List. Tara is a full-time student at Music Major at Mesa. She works as a 'student aid' in the Art Gallery of Mesa. She worked in the Music Department. She is a singer and has concerts at Mesa. Tara has worked as a music educator.