Teacher Education Deber Scholars - San Diego Mesa College

Salma Renteria


Salma Renteria

How did you decide to become a teacher?
I didn’t always know I wanted to be a teacher until my summer 2015 going into my senior year of high school. My mom wanted me to do something that summer so she signed me up to volunteer at an elementary school I used to go to Zamorano. The vice principal there was in charge of the student volunteers since they always had a lot of student volunteers; he assigned me to a kindergarten class. From there i learned to love helping kids i always knew i wanted to do something that had to do with kids. In that class there was this particular student that made me realize I wanted to be a teacher. Every time I went to help him with his English he would always thank me but not just a simple thank you every time he did things by himself that I had helped him with originally without my help it would always make me feel accomplished.  He made me realize that teaching was my calling.

Describe the process of becoming a teacher at Mesa. What have you done? What has worked well for you?
Finding my way to MESA was not easy at all since I was doing all this for the first time. It was all really new to me. I found myself with many counselors who honestly some made it hard some made it really easy. A lot of the teachers have made it a great journey as well as maybe not the best one either but I have learned from those mistakes and they have and will make me stronger.

What do you like about the DEBER program?
What I honestly love about this program is how it's a program where we all help each other, literally the last letter “R” in the word DEBER stands for resources and that’s what the journey of becoming a teacher is all about being able to lend a hand when one of your colleagues might need it.