Teacher Education Deber Scholars - San Diego Mesa College

Julia Vasquez


Julia Vasquez

How did you decide to become a teacher?

Hello, I am Julia and share you the next story. When I was little girl, I liked to share my knowledge with other children who played at school where I was always a teacher. It wasn't until I was in college that I realized that I also liked science education and research, but I didn't know how to combine education and science. Later, I studied as a Spanish teacher, and I worked as an assistant teacher, and the last year of my career, I was participating as an advanced Spanish teacher, and at the same time, participating in bilingual research projects as well as in Spanish and bilingual conferences. On the other hand, as a personal achievement I needed to break the barriers of the English language in the academic discourse at the elementary school level, I did not hesitate and immediately decided to integrate to work with children. Why? Because children represent the strength, the seed and the inheritance of learning arising from any society. On the other hand, I had also worked for many years as a dance teacher, and there I realized that I loved teaching. Now I have integrated with these little giants supporting in tutoring with their tasks, practicing reading, sports and teaching them classical dance. As a positive result, I only speak English with them, which makes me feel comfortable and happy. Now my vocabulary has been enriched with children's words, I can feel this culture because I am in the environment learning a language, a new culture where I am learning traditions, food, music, theater, science, math, etc., and linguistically speaking, I am experiencing the diversity of phonetics variations in their speech (accents) that are given in this language and these sound very interesting for my ear.

Describe the process of becoming a teacher at Mesa. What have you done What has worked well for you?

My SDCCD process has not been difficult because I am already a bit advanced because I have enrolled several subjects that I studied at Imperial Valley College. In one more year I hope to finish the rest of the subjects and go to SDSU in 2021.

On the other hand, I have enrolled at San Diego City College and currently I have registered in the subject of Education 200 in Mesa College. I this college, my experience has been a lot of work and reading about the articles and videos that the professor has given us. I feel the class is at the bachelor level due to the high degree of preparation and work that the subject requires. This indicates that the professor is preparing us very well. At first I got a little stressed with exams and discussions, but then I started to gain confidence, and then I integrated well, and now I enjoy the readings and I do my tests with great enthusiasm and calm. Like a result, I am feel anxious for going to the classroom, and put this knowledge in practice with the students. 

What do you like about the DEBER program?

I like this program because it integrates a minority, and we can participate in projects that support the Latino community. Unfortunately, due to the problem of COVID-19 pandemic, we could not go out to share in Barrio Logan, but I like that we integrate to continue working to promote education.

This program seems interesting to me because communication is in Spanish and English and because also where we can find at the first, second and third generation Latin communities talking both Spanish and English and many times using the alternation of codes in the controversial and new language. "Spanglish".

Undoubtedly a comment that I can’t fail to mention is that the program is concerned with stimulating us to do CEBEST since it becomes a problem if we do not pass it in order to join the education system.

Another point that I like is that the program cares first of all about giving us financial support and more about how is the pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing. I thank you so much for the DEBER program and my class. Educ. 200 because they keep me busy and not thinking about what could happen to us or me. THIS WILL REMAIN IN HISTORY.THANKS DEBER PROGRAM!!!!