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The Dance Department at San Diego Mesa College offers over 40 active courses, providing a lower division curriculum comparable to those in four-year institutions. We are training students to transfer to four year universities, as well as to take part in the growing field of entertainment. The Dance Department has demanding technical dance classes and rewarding exploration and information classes in theory, history, and choreography that provide students the opportunity to learn about and create movement as a rich part of the fabric and culture of our world. For more than 40 years, we have shaped dancers, dance lovers, and dance makers here at San Diego Mesa College. Be a part of the next generations of movers and shakers!

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SPRING 2021 

We are so proud of the work that our dancers and our faculty choreographers did in the Spring 2021 semester to create our Digital Dance Concert. Together we created an online concert that you can now watch and share.

Eight faculty choreographers and 25 students have come together to create a unique performance experience that reflects the joy, challenges, love, connections, resilience, and movement of our time.

Video Dances showcasing the styles of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, and Contemporary, highlight the dynamic play between choreography, improvisation, and performance. Sit back in the comfort of your home and let us take you on a journey of dance.

All dancers and choreographers involved adhered to mandated CDC guidelines for the city of San Diego involving COVID-19. We are honored to be granted special permission from San Diego Mesa College to meet in Balboa Park to capture this beautiful footage.

Choreography by Mesa Faculty: Donna Flournoy, Blythe Barton, Melissa Adao, Nancy Boskin-Mullen, Raul Gomez, Faith Jensen-Ismay, Angela Moran, Katie Ryan

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Dance Perseveres - Together we move. Together we heal. Together we create art.

Mesa College Dance is dedicated to providing our students with the best learning opportunities at any time. We are reinventing ways to bring dance to our audiences and support dancers and dancemakers during the pandemic. If you value this work, please consider supporting us with a contribution.

Donate ButtonHere are ways that your donation can help:
- Technical support
- Guest Choreographers/Lecturers
- Filming and Editing
- Costumes and Props
- Student Scholarship

We are eager to have you join us in person in the future to witness for yourselves how your contributions impact our students. In the meantime, we do so hope you will join us virtually.


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About the Dance Program

The mission of the San Diego Mesa College Dance Program is to promote student and faculty development as professional dance artists, performers, choreographers, and critical thinkers, as well as active community members. Our philosophy embraces dance in its many forms, and we offer multiple levels of ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, Latin dance, and a changing selection of world dance forms. The Program is committed to the growth and discipline of all dance forms through the dedicated study of dance technique and research in a nurturing and challenging environment. Through superior teaching and personalized mentoring, students prepare for a professional career in dance or for transfer to a four-year institution.

Check our RESOURCES page for Careers in Dance and Dance Skills Developed at MESA DANCE.

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*Photos by Sue Brenner Photography.