AA degree in dance

AA degree in dance

The Mesa College Dance Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide practical and theoretical training for students interested in a dance career. The core curriculum provides an excellent foundation in dance technique, choreography and performance skills. In addition, this program offers lower division theory courses to prepare the student for transfer to a four-year institution as a dance major. Students planning to transfer to a university dance program should consult with a counselor to select acceptable transfer courses.

Program Goals:
The Dance program focuses not only on training the student who wishes to transfer to a four-year institution in dance, achieve an associate degree, or pursue a certificate for immediate employment in the entertainment market, but also on providing opportunities for all student to learn about and experience dance.

Program Emphasis:
The program emphasizes the development of dancers versed in a wide variety of movement genres. The core curriculum focuses on ballet, modern, jazz, improvisation, choreography, performance, production, music for dancers and dance history. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of techniques and theories in concerts and public performances.

Career Options:
The following list is a sample of the many career options open to students with a dance education. The majority of these options require a baccalaureate or graduate level degree. Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor, Dance Therapist, Dance Production Technician, Dance Administrator, Dance Critic, Dance Historian, Studio Owner, Company Director, Dance Promoter, Movement Notator, Recreation Leader, Fitness Instructor, Talent Agent.


Required Courses

 Courses Required for the Major:
    DANC 181     History of Dance  
    DANC 183     Music for Dance  
    DANC 253     Choreography  
Select 3 units from the following courses:
    DANC 110B     Ballet II  
    DANC 110C     Ballet III  
    DANC 110D     Ballet IV  
Select 3 units from the following courses:
    DANC 135B     Jazz Dance II  
    DANC 135C     Jazz Dance III  
    DANC 135D     Jazz Dance IV  
Select 3 units from the following courses:
    DANC 140B     Modern Dance II  
    DANC 140C     Modern Dance III  
    DANC 140D     Modern Dance IV  
Select 1.5 units from the following courses:
    DANC 160A     Pilates - Stretch and Conditioning  
    DANC 160B     Pilates - Alignment and Correctives  
Select 1.5 units from the following courses:
    DANC 177A     Dance Improvisation  
    DANC 177B     Dance Improvisation II  
Select 4 units from the following courses:
    DANC 261A     Dance Performance I  
    DANC 261B     Dance Performance II  
    DANC 261C     Dance Performance III  
    DANC 261D     Dance Performance IV  
    DANC 271A     Stage Costuming for Dance  
    DANC 271B     Makeup for Dance Productions  
    DANC 271C     Lighting Design for Dance Production  
Select 3 units from the following courses:
    DANC 110A     Ballet I  
    DANC 115A     Tap I  
    DANC 115B     Tap Dance II  
    DANC 115C     Tap Dance III  
    DANC 120A     Hip Hop I  
    DANC 120B     Hip Hop II  
    DANC 120C     Hip Hop III  
    DANC 120D     Hip Hop IV  
    DANC 125A     Latin American Dance I  
    DANC 125B     Latin American Dance II  
    DANC 126A     Mid-Eastern Dance I  
    DANC 126B     Mid-Eastern Dance II  
    DANC 130A     Dance Repertoire  
    DANC 135A     Jazz Dance I  
    DANC 140A     Modern Dance I  
    DANC 145A     Ballroom Dance I  
    DANC 145B     Ballroom Dance II  
    DANC 178A     Advanced Commercial Dance I  
    DANC 178B     Advanced Commercial Dance II  
    DANC 179A     Advanced Classical Dance I  
    DANC 179B     Advanced Classical Dance II  
    DANC 180A     Advanced Contemporary Dance I  
    DANC 180B     Advanced Contemporary Dance II 

26 Total Units

AA Degree in Dance - PATHWAYs

Click this pdf link for full pathways information.