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Raza Grad
Raza Grad Celebration(Registration CLOSED)

raza grad registration is closed

Raza Grad Celebration is a culturally empowering ceremony representing historical traditions from throughout the Americas. Raza Grad celebrates the diversity of the Chican@/Hispanic/Indigenous/Latin@ culture. The graduation celebration is open to all San Diego Mesa College graduating students who value the access to higher education and retention of our communities. Participation is not limited by area of study, ethnic background or national origin.

Dear Raza Grad students and community,

Congratulations on your academic achievements! As this part of your journey comes to an end, we know that you and your family looked forward to celebrating your achievement at the San Diego Mesa College Raza Grad Celebration, where culture and family is also acknowledged and celebrated. Unfortunately, we find ourselves living under unprecedented times caused by COVID-19. In an effort to keep you and your family safe, this year we invite you to participate in the Raza Grad Drive Through Celebration and/or our Raza Grad Virtual Celebration. 

The Drive Through Celebration is on Monday, May 17th from 5:00-7:30 pm.
Raza Grad 2021 Drive Through Photos

The Virtual Celebration is on Saturday, May 28 at 10:00 am. 


Disclaimer: By participating the Raza Grad Ceremony, you are therefore giving consent for the committee to utilize pictures taken at the event in future promotional documentation.