Dual Enrollment at Mesa


Linda Hensley
Dean of Humanities

Dr. Sharon Hughes
CCAP Coordinator


dual enrollmetnt student FAQs 

What should I consider before enrolling in a college class?
There are many benefits to taking college classes while still in high school, earning trasferrable credit, saving money, and completing your degree sooner.  However, there are things to consider before you enroll in a college class as a high school student.  The grades you receive in your college classes become part of your official college transcript.  The pace and rigor of college classes is different than that of high school or even AP courses.  Enrolling in a college class is a committment that needs to be taken seriously.

How can I prepare for college courses?
College classes are very different from high school and AP classes. The pace and rigor of a college class requires you to stay up with the material on a continuous basis. For every hour you spend in class, it is typically expected that you spend two hours outside of class studying. Be proactive if you encounter any trouble with the material, seek out the help of your peers and professor early--do not wait! Please read this for other tips on succeeding in a college class.

How does a college course differ from and AP course?
College classes differ from AP courses in a number of ways. Students are earning college units and credits by taking a college class. These credits/units transfer directly to most 4 year colleges and universities. Unlike an AP course, there is no exam at the end of the year to determine college credit. The pace, workload, and rigor of a college class is typically more than what a student encounters in an AP class.

How do college classes get calculated into my HS GPA?
Please ask your high school counselor how college class grades get calculated into your high school GPA.

Will my college classes transfer?
Information about how courses articulate to 4 year colleges and universities can be found on Not all classes offerred through dual/concurrent enrollment transfer to all schools; speak with a counselor if you have questions about the transferrability of a course.

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?
Be aware of Drop/Withdraw deadlines for your college classes; remaining in a class past the withdraw deadline means you will receive an evaluative letter grade for the course.  If you want or need to drop/withdraw, make sure it is done correctly and by the appropriate deadline.  You can drop or withdraw from a class through the MySDCCD portal; a video showing how to do so can be found here.  For students taking college classes on their high school campus through CCAP/ACP, be sure to discuss dropping or withdrawing with your high school counselor so that your high school schedule can be changed.

What are the implications of receiving a W/D/F in a college class?
A student who receives a W, D or F in a college class will not be allowed to enroll in another college class while still in high school. Additionally, W/D/F grades can have implications for financial aid.

I have an IEP/504 can I get accommodations in my college classes?
Accommodations in your college classes will need to be determined by San Diego Mesa College’s Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS). Please set up an appointment as soon as possible (best before you start your first class at Mesa). Be sure to talk to your professor about your need for accommodations that have been approved through Mesa’s DSPS. 

What is MySDCCD portal?
MySDCCD portal is your gateway to just about everything! You should have set up an account when you applied and received a CSID, if you have not set up your account yet, information on how to do so can be found here. Once your account is established MySDCCD portal can be accessed here.  If you need help with the MySDCCD portal, start here.

How do I order transcripts?
Transcripts can be ordered through your mySDCCD portal. You should have set up an account for this portal when you applied and received a CSID.

How do I access final grades?
Final grades can be accessed through your mySDCCD portal. You should have set up an account for this portal when you applied and received a CSID.

How do I access Canvas?
Canvas can be accessed through your mySDCCD portal, or directly here.

Can I talk to a Mesa Counselor about academics and transferring?
Of course! We have counselors at Mesa College dedicated specifically to assisting students in our dual enrollment programs. Please contact Gabriel Adona for academic questions and Anne Hedekin with transfer questions.  Mesa College's counseling webpage can be found here.

How does my GPA transfer?
Please contact Anne Hedekin with transfer questions.

What is the Promise Program?
The San Diego Promise provides two years of tuition at City, Mesa and Miramar colleges for first-time, full-time students.  More information about the Promise Program can be found here. If you still have further questions please contact Miriam Pacheco.

I've graduated from high school and will be enrolling at Mesa.  What do I need to do?
You will need to update your student status in person at Mesa. Please bring a valid photo ID (Passport, License, Military ID etc.).  If you only have a high school ID, please bring your birth certificate.  You will also need to bring your high school diploma or letter of high school completion (on letterhead). Go to Mesa admissions: I-400 Student Services.

Who to contact?
If you have questions about your  college class, please ask your professor or high school counselor. If they are not able to answer your question please see our contact page for information.