Dual Enrollment at Mesa

Linda Hensley
Dean of Humanities

Dr. Sharon Hughes
CCAP Coordinator



Required Instructor accommodations

We look forward to working with our partner high schools to provide the best possible environment for student success. Our instructors generally need the following provided by the high school to get started:

  • Keys to their classroom on the high school campus
  • Keys/Access to faculty restrooms on the high school campus
  • Any parking tags that may be required by your school
  • Appropriate technology in the classroom (computer, projector etc.)
  • Access to school WIFI and ability to access online videos (if restricted at the high school)
  • Notification of schedule changes at the high school (pep-rallies, assemblies, scheduled drills)
  • Information about emergency procedures
  • A counselor liaison so that we can communicate about students in danger of not passing.
  • Some instructors may have specific requests/needs when it come to the ability to arrange desks in the classroom, we appreciate it if the requests can be accommodated.
  • Please note: Our instructors do not report attendance, provide syllabi, or provide grades directly to high school personnel. The sharing of grades happens at the district level.