Dual Enrollment at Mesa


Linda Hensley
Dean of Humanities

Dr. Sharon Hughes
CCAP Coordinator


Dual enrollment FAQs for High School Staff

How do we set up a dual enrollment program at our high school?
Information about setting up a dual enrollment program can be found here.

How do we request classes?
Information about requesting classes can be found here.

What will college instructors need in the classroom?
Information about what college instructors will need can be found here.

Can we request a specific instructor?
Unfortunately scheduling instructors to teach classes out on the high school campus is complicated and involves many variables, for this reason we cannot accommodate requests for specific instructors.  We do our best to place instructors at high schools where they have been successful in the past.

Can college instructors report attendance to the HS?
College instructors do not report attendance to the high schools. Additionally, we do not provide syllabi, or provide grades directly to high school personnel. The sharing of grades happens at the district level.

Who to contact?
Please see our contact page for information.