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Katlin Choi
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
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Shawn Fawcett
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
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Pavel Consuegra
Internship Coordinator
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Melanie Baeza-McCray
Employment Engagement Coordinator
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Work-Based Learning 

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Interested in partnering with work-based Learning? 

Work-Based Learning consists of exposing students to varying interactions with employers to connect student's academic learning with careers and real-world experiences. As a WBL partner, you’ll have an opportunity to promote your company and industry to our students, help students explore career options, gain access to a pipeline of qualified candidates, and teach them the necessary skills to be successful in today's labor market.

Mesa College would like to learn about your organization and discuss our programs in more details to identify areas of partnership which might be beneficial to your business projects. Learn about Mesa events or activities available by clicking on each phase of Work-Based Learning. Interested in your company and/or employees partnering with Mesa College to offer WBL activities? Fill out the online WBL employer/community partner participation request or contact the WBL Team today to see how Mesa College can support your organization and help address any of your needs! 

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