Learn About MT2C

The Mesa Tutoring and Computing Centers (MT2C) is a centralized tutoring program dedicated to student success.  We offer face-to-face (on the floor) tutoring within the Learning Resources Center (LRC) as well as in Hot Spots across the campus.  We also offer embedded tutoring within the classroom in addition to online tutoring.

MT2C Theory of Change: If we provide professionalized training on networking as well as engage in action research, community college professionals will transform their environments and identities to create communities of practice (CoPs). These CoPs will produce powerful learning and innovation across the state, which will lead to greater student success. The MT2C believes that this transformation will take place at Mesa College if we share impactful, relevant professional learning with tutors, faculty, staff, & administrators. Then, when we start with our WHY:

  • Tutors and other learning assistance educators will recognize themselves as empowered professionals who are an integral, equitable part of the institution;
  • This professionalization of tutoring will yield improved services to our students and contribute to a campus wide culture of student success;
  • The learning assistance domain will become a more central part of the institution;
  • Tutors will develop a strong foundation necessary to become successful professionals.

MT2C Mission: Inspire confident and independent learners to collaborate in a welcoming and safe environment.  Empower students, tutors, classified professionals, and faculty to achieve their educational and career goals.  The heart of our mission is to promote professionalism and to cultivate a community of mindful learners through kind and equitable practices.

MT2C Values:

  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Empowerment
  • Equity
  • Kindness
  • Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Professionalism
  • Respectfulness

Programmatic Recognition

  • ACCJC Commendation: The team commends the College’s tutoring services for its committed employees and collaborative team oriented environment that includes professionalized student tutors. (II.B.1,II.B.3)
  • Achieved 3 Levels of CRLA Programmatic Training Certification
  • Helena Almassy: 3CSN Learning Assistance Project 2017 California Tutor of the Year
  • Jose Franco Rojo: Mesa College MT2C Bill Peters 2017 Tutor of the Year
  • Joe Lunsford: Mesa College MT2C Bill Peters 2018 Tutor of the Year
  • Kayla McKinley and Megan Corieri: Mesa College MT2C Bill Peters 2019 Co-Tutors of the Year
  • Raine Porter: Mesa College MT2C Bill Peters 2020 Tutor of the Year


CRLA International Tutor Training Program Certification