Peer Navigators

Vianey Gomez


Vianey Gomez

Hi! I’m Vianey Gómez and my major is sociology. I’m planning to earn my associates degree at Mesa then transfer to UC San Diego to complete my bachelors degree. This fall will be my second year at Mesa and my first year as a peer navigator. I decided to join the peer navigator program because I received invaluable advice and support from my own peer navigator last year which inspired me to do the same for a new student. As a first generation, low income student of color I understand how daunting college may seem, but with the right support system and resources anyone can be successful.

If I’m not studying or working I enjoy spending my time by the pool, trying new foods with my friends, scrolling through social media and listening to my favorite artists (Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill, Nas, etc). But my favorite activity during quarantine is hiking!

Mesa is a beautiful campus full of welcoming people that will help you each step of the way to obtaining your degree of choice. One piece of advice I would give to any college student is to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities that may come your way and to focus solely on your own journey to success.